Answers – To Difficult Questions (Gospel Of Luke)

Luke 1:5-6 – Have all people sinned or not?

Luke 1:6 – How can Zacharias and Elizabeth be righteous, if none are righteous?

Luke 1:27 – How could Elizabeth be related to Mary when she was from the tribe of Aaron?

Luke 1:28 – Should Christians worship Mary?

Luke1:28 – Does this passage support the Roman Catholic view of the sinlessness of Mary

Luke 1:42 – Was Mary sinless?

Luke 1:46 – Was Mary born sinless as Roman Catholics claim?

Luke 1:80 – Was John the Baptist an Essene?

Luke 2:1 -Did Luke make a mistake when he mentioned a worldwide census under Caesar Augustus?

Luke 2:2 – Why does Luke say the census was during Quirinius’ governorship since Quirinius was not governor until a.d. 6?

Luke 2:2 – Is this passage about Quirinius a historical contradiction?

Luke 2:3 – Why would Mary have to travel to Joseph’s place of birth?

Luke 2:5 – When did Joseph take Mary as his wife?

Luke 2:34-35 – Does this passage support the Roman Catholic doctrine of the co-redemptrix nature of Mary?

Luke 2:40 – How could Jesus increase in wisdom, if he was God?

Luke 2:42 – Why don’t the gospels give us many details about Jesus’ childhood and young adult years?

Luke 2:50 – How could they not understand this statement, if they knew Jesus was the Messiah?

Luke 3:21-22 – Why was Jesus baptized?

Luke 3:23 – Why does Luke present a different ancestral tree for Jesus than the one in Matthew?

Luke 3:23 – Why are there different genealogies for Jesus in Matthew 1 and Luke 3?

Luke 3:27 – Who is Shealtiel’s father? Jeconiah or Neri?

Luke 3:23-28 Do Matthew and Luke’s genealogies contradict each other?

Luke 4:2 – Could Jesus survive 40 days without eating?

Luke 4:3 – Why do Luke and Matthew place Satan’s conversation out of order?

Luke 4:4-10 – Why does Jesus cite these OT passages?

Luke 4:5-9 – Where did the devil take Jesus first, the pinnacle or somewhere else?

Luke 4:16-30 – How was Jesus rejected?

Luke 4:19 – Why does Jesus not quote this passage accurately?

Luke 5:27 – Was the tax collector named Matthew or Levi?

Luke 6:12-16 – Why are the lists of disciples different?

Luke 6:17 – Why does Luke say Jesus gave this sermon on a level place when Matthew declares it was given on the mountain?

Luke 6:20 – Why does Luke’s version of the Beatitudes differ from those in Matthew?

Luke 6:26 – Is a good name a blessing or a curse?

Luke 6:40 – Can we be above our teachers or not?

Luke 7:1-10 – Does this contradict the account in Matthew 8:5-13?

Luke 7:2-10 – Who brought the Centurion’s request to Jesus?

Luke 7:18-22 – When did John find out Jesus was the Messiah?

(Luke 7:45 – Was this an erotic display?

Luke 8:26-27 – How many men came out to meet Jesus in Gerasene?

Luke 8:26-27 – Did Jesus meet the demoniacs in Gerasene or Gaderenes?

Luke 9:1-6 – Does the commissioning of the Twelve contradict Mark’s account?

Luke 9:3 – Did Jesus tell His disciples to take a staff or not?

Luke 9:27 – Did Jesus think he would return soon?

Luke 9:28 – After how many days did Jesus take the three men up the mountain?

Luke 9:50 – Did Jesus contradict Himself when He referred to those who are for Him?

Luke 9:52–53 – Did the Samaritans receive Christ or reject Him?

Luke 10:23 – Are those who see blessed, or those who do not see?

Luke 10:25-28 – Can we earn salvation through the Law or not?

Luke 11:1-4 – To whom did Jesus tell the Lord’s Prayer?

Luke 11:51 – Jesus claims that the last Hebrew martyr was Zechariah the son of Berechiah, but this is the wrong Zechariah?

Luke 12:10 – Blaspheming the Holy Spirit?

Luke 13:19 – Is the mustard seed the smallest of all seeds?

Luke 13:24 – Do all seekers find God?

Luke 14:26 – Do we have to hate our parents?

Luke 14:26 – Are we supposed to hate or not?

Luke 14:27-28 – How does this passage square with justification by grace apart from works?

Luke 14:33 – Do we have to give up everything?

Luke 16:8-9 – Why does Jesus praise the unrighteous steward?

Luke 16:31 – Do miracles prove Jesus’ divine mission?

Luke 17:4 – What did Jesus mean by forgiving someone 77 times?

Luke 17:20-21 – Doesn’t Jesus teach that the kingdom was “spiritually” fulfilled in our hearts?

Luke 18:1 – Should prayer be continuous or brief?

Luke 18:19 – Is Jesus not God?

Luke 19:30 – Were one or two animals brought to Jesus?

Luke 19:45-46 – Why did Jesus get so angry? Was his anger justified?

Luke 21:20-24 – Did Jesus predict the Fall of Jerusalem, or does this date Luke’s gospel after AD 70?

Luke 22:17-20 – Does this statement support the Roman Catholic view of transubstantiation?

Luke 22:34 – 22:34, Did the cock crow once or twice before Peter’s third denial?

Luke 22:36 – Did Jesus come to bring peace or not?

Luke 22:47 – Who arrested Jesus?

Luke 23:26 – Did Jesus or Simon of Cyrene carry the cross?

Luke 23:43 – Did Christ err when He told the thief on the cross that he would be in paradise the day Christ died?

Luke 23:46 – What were Jesus’ last words on the Cross?

Luke 23:46 – What were the seven things Jesus said on the cross?

Luke 23:49 – Were the women close or far from the cross?

Luke 24:1-2 – Was the stone moved away before Mary arrived at Jesus’ tomb or not?

Luke 24:4 – How many men or angels appeared at the tomb?

Luke 24:5-7 – What did the angels tell Mary at the empty tomb?

Luke 24:9 – Did or did not the women tell what happened at the tomb?

Luke 24:10 – Do the Gospels disagree on who discovered the empty tomb?

Luke 24:15-18 – Who saw Jesus first after His resurrection?

Luke 24:23 – Were Jesus’ resurrection appearances physical or mere visions?

Luke 24:31a – Did Jesus dematerialize when He suddenly disappeared from the disciples after an appearance?

Luke 24:31b – If Jesus had the same physical body after His resurrection, why did His disciples not recognize Him?

Luke 24:34 – Was Jesus invisible to mortal eyes before and after He appeared?

Luke 24:49 – Why did the disciples go to Galilee when Jesus commanded them to stay in Jerusalem?

Luke 24:50–51 – Did Jesus ascend from Bethany or from the Mountain of Olives near Jerusalem?