Answers – To Difficult Questions (Gospel of John)

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John 1:1—Is Jesus God or just a god?

John 1:18—Why does John say no one has seen God when other verses declare we will see God?

John 1:18—Was Jesus alone the Son of God

John 1:33—Did John the Baptist know Jesus before His baptism or not?

John 1:37–49—Were the apostles called at this time or later?

John 3:3—Does being “born again” indicate that Jesus taught reincarnation?

John 3:5—Does this verse teach baptismal regeneration?

John 3:13—How could Christ say no one has ascended to heaven when Elijah had?

John 3:17—Did Jesus come to judge the world or not?

John 4:26—Why did Jesus confess He was the Messiah here, but avoid doing it elsewhere?

John 5:28–29—Is Jesus advocating salvation by works?

John 5:31—Was Jesus’ self-testimony true or false?

John 5:34—Did Jesus accept human testimony about who He was?

John 5:37—Can God’s voice be heard?

John 6:35—Why are the “I AM” statements of Jesus only mentioned in John?

John 6:53–54—What did Jesus mean when He said we should eat His flesh?

John 7:1—Why did Jesus fear death and yet tell His disciples not to do so?

John 7:8—Did Jesus lie to His brothers?

John 7:53–8:11—Why do some scholars question whether this story should be in the Bible?

John 8:3–11 (cf. Rom. 13:4)—Did Jesus repudiate capital punishment in this text?

John 9:31—Does God hear the prayers of sinners?

John 10:11—Is Jesus the shepherd or a sheep?

John 10:11—Did Jesus die just for His friends or for His enemies too?

John 10:30—Was Christ one with the Father?

John 10:34—Did Jesus advocate that man could become God?

John 11:4—Did Jesus make a mistake when He said Lazarus’ sickness was not unto death?

John 11:26—How could Jesus say we will never die when the Bible declares all will eventually die?

John 11:44—How could Lazarus come forth from the tomb if he was bound hand and foot?

John 14:2–3—Was heaven prepared from eternity or is Jesus still preparing it?

John 14:16—Are Muslims right in referring this promise of the coming “helper” to Mohammed?

John 14:28—Did Jesus think of Himself as less than God?

John 15:1—Was Jesus the vine or the root?

John 16:12—Did Jesus reveal everything to His disciples or hold back some things?

John 17:9—Did Jesus ever pray for unbelievers?

John 18:31—Was it lawful for the Jews to exercise capital punishment?

John 20:17—If Jesus had not yet ascended to the Father, how could He have committed His Spirit to the Father?

John 20:19—How could Jesus walk through a closed door with a physical body?

John 20:22—Was the Holy Spirit given to the disciples before Pentecost?

John 20:22–23—Does this passage support the Roman Catholic view that priests have the power to forgive sins?