Answers – To Difficult Questions (Genesis)

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Genesis 1 and 2 – Does it present contradictory creation accounts?
Genesis 1:1—How can the universe have a “beginning” when modern science says energy is eternal?
Genesis 1:1—How could the author of Genesis know what happened at creation before he was even created?
Genesis 1:1- Does the Bible teach that God created the universe or just the Planet Earth?
Genesis 1:1 – Does the Bible teach creatio ex nihilo (or a creation out of nothing)?
Genesis 1:3 – How could God create light after the creation of the Earth?
Genesis 1:6 – Does Genesis teach a three-story universe?
Genesis 1:14—How could there be light before the sun was made?
Genesis 1:14 – Does Genesis teach that the sun and moon were created after the Earth?
Genesis 1:21 – Why doesn’t the Bible mention dinosaurs?
Genesis 1:26 – Does this passage prove the Trinity?
Genesis 1:26—Why does the Bible use the plural “us” when God refers to Himself?
Genesis 1:26 – How many Gods are there, one or many?
Genesis 1:27—Were Adam and Eve real people or just myths?
Genesis 1:26-27 -Were Adam and Eve the first two literal people on Earth?
Genesis 1:29-30 – Does this passage claim that lions and tigers were vegetarians?
Does Genesis 1 contradict Genesis 2?
Genesis 2:1—How could the world be created in six days?
Genesis 2:2-3 – Why does God need to rest?
Genesis 2:4—Why does this chapter use the term “Lord God” rather than “God” as in chapter one?
Genesis 2:4 – Why does the creation story repeat itself?Genesis 2:8—Was the Garden of Eden a real place or just a myth?
Genesis 2:10-14 – Are these mythical rivers?
Genesis 2:17—Why didn’t Adam die the day he ate the forbidden fruit, as God said he would?
Genesis 2:17 – Did death really begin at the fall of humans?
Genesis 2:18 – Are women merely a “helper” for men?
Genesis 3:5—Is man made like God or does he become like God?
Genesis 3:8—How could Adam and Eve go from God’s presence if God is everywhere?
Genesis 4:5—Does God show respect to certain persons?
Genesis 4:12–13—Why wasn’t Cain given capital punishment for the murder he committed?
Genesis 4:17—Where did Cain get his wife?
Genesis 4:17—How could Cain marry a relative without committing incest?
Genesis 4:19—Does the Bible approve of polygamy?
Genesis 4:26—Did worship of God begin here or earlier?
Genesis 5:1 How can we reconcile this chronology (which adds up to c. 4,000 years b.c.) when anthropology has shown humankind is much older?
Genesis 5:5—How could people live over 900 years?
Genesis 6:2—Were the “Sons of God” angels who married women?
Genesis 6:3—Does this contradict what Moses said in Psalm 90 about human longevity?
Genesis 6:6—Why was God unsatisfied with what He made?
Genesis 6:14 How could Noah’s ark hold hundreds of thousands of species?
Genesis 6:14—How could a wooden ark survive such a violent flood?
Genesis 7:24—Did the flood rains last forty days or one hundred fifty days?
GENESIS 8:1—Did God temporarily forget Noah?
Genesis 8:21—Did God change His mind about never destroying the world again?
Genesis 8:22—If seedtime and harvest were never to be interrupted, then why were there famines?
Genesis 9:3—Did God ordain the eating of meat or only plants?
Genesis 10:5 (cf. 20, 31)—Why does this verse indicate that humankind had many languages when Genesis 11:1 says there was only one?
Genesis 11:5—How can God “come down” from heaven when He is already here (and everywhere)?
GENESIS 11:28—How could Abraham’s family be from Ur of the Chaldees when elsewhere it says his ancestors came from Haran?
Genesis 11:32—Was Abraham 75 years old when he left Haran, or was he 135 years old?
GENESIS 12:10–20; 20:1–18—Why did God let Abraham prosper by lying?
Genesis 14—Is the account of Abraham’s defeat of the Mesopotamian kings historically reliable?
GENESIS 14:18–20—Who was Melchizedek?
Genesis 15:16—Did the Exodus occur in the fourth generation or in the sixth?
GENESIS 15:17; 19:23—Why does the Bible use unscientific terms such as “the sun going down”?
GENESIS 19:8—Was the sin of Sodom homosexuality or inhospitality?
Genesis 19:30–38—Does the Bible condone incest?
GENESIS 20:12—If incest is condemned, why did Abraham marry his sister?
Genesis 21:32, 34—Did the Bible mistakenly place the Philistines in Palestine at the time of Abraham?
GENESIS 22:2—Why did God tell Abraham to sacrifice his son when God condemned human sacrifice in Leviticus 18 and 20?
GENESIS 22:2—How could Isaac be Abraham’s “only son” when he already had Ishmael?
GENESIS 22:12—Was God ignorant of how Abraham would respond?
GENESIS 23—How could the sons of Heth have been in Hebron in 2050 B.C. when their kingdom was in what is now modern Turkey?
Genesis 25:1—Why does Genesis 25:1 call Keturah Abraham’s wife, while 1 Chronicles 1:32 calls her his concubine?
GENESIS 25:1–2—How could Abraham have children naturally here when years before he needed a miracle to have Isaac?
GENESIS 26:33—Was Beersheba named by Abraham or later by Isaac?
GENESIS 26:34—How many wives did Esau have?
Genesis 27:42–44—Did Jacob return to Haran to flee Esau or to get a wife?
GENESIS 29:21–30—When was Rachel given to be Jacob’s wife?
Genesis 31:20—How could God bless Jacob after he deceived Laban?
GENESIS 31:32—How could God bless Rachel when she stole Laban’s idols and then lied to him about it?
GENESIS 32:30—Can God’s face be seen?
GENESIS 46:4—Did God bring Jacob out of Egypt or did he die there?
Genesis 46:8–27—Why does the Bible speak about the twelve tribes of Israel when actually there were fourteen?
GENESIS 49:5–7—How can Jacob pronounce a curse upon Levi here and yet Moses blessed Levi in Deuteronomy 33:8–11?
Genesis 49:10—Who or what is “Shiloh” in this verse?
GENESIS 49:10b—If Judah was to reign until the Messiah, why was Israel’s first king from the tribe of Benjamin?
Genesis 49:14–15—Why did Jacob predict slavery for Issachar here, but in Deuteronomy 33:18–19 Moses predicted blessing?