Answers – To Difficult Questions (Psalms)

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Psalm 1:2—Should Christians meditate, or is this a Buddhist practice?

Psalm 3:1—How could David have written this Psalm when critics insist that most Psalms were not completed until much later?

Psalm 5:5—How can this verse say God hates the wicked when John 3:16 says that God loves the world?

Psalm 10:1—Is God approachable or unapproachable?

Psalm 24:2—Is the earth founded upon the seas or on nothing?

Psalm 30—Why does the subtitle to Psalm 30 make reference to the dedication of the house of David when the psalm says nothing about it?

Psalm 34—Why does the subtitle of this Psalm have the name Abimelech when the name should be Achish?

Psalm 37:9, 34—When the wicked are cut off, are they annihilated?

Psalm 37:25—Do the righteous ever beg bread?

Psalm 44:23—Does God sleep?

Psalm 45:3–5—Is this a prediction of Mohammed?

Psalm 51:5—Was man brought forth in iniquity or made upright?

Psalm 51:5—Does this verse support the position that an unborn fetus is only a potential human being?

Psalm 53:5—Doesn’t this verse contradict itself?

Psalm 58:3—How can an innocent child be wicked from the womb?

Psalm 97:7—Doesn’t this verse imply there are many gods?

Psalm 104:5—Will the earth abide forever or will it be destroyed?

Psalm 109:1ff—How can the God of love in the NT be reconciled with the vengeful God of these cursing Psalms?

Psalm 119:110—Is it true that David never erred from God’s precepts or did he go astray from them?

Psalm 137:9—How could the Psalmist rejoice at the thought of little ones being dashed against rocks?

Psalm 139:13–16—Can it be inferred from this verse that the Bible considers abortion to be murder?