Answers – To Difficult Questions (Exodus)

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Exodus 1:15—How could two midwives take care of so many Hebrew women?

Exodus 1:15–21—How could God bless the Hebrew midwives for disobeying the God-ordained governmental authority (Pharaoh) and lying to him?

Exodus 3:22—How could an all-loving God command the Hebrews to plunder the Egyptians of their riches?

Exodus 4:21—If God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, how can Pharaoh be held responsible?

Exodus 4:24—Whom did the Lord meet at the encampment, and why did He seek to kill him?

Exodus 6:3—Was God known by His name “Lord” (Jehovah or Yahweh) before Moses’ time?

Exodus 6:9—Did the children of Israel listen to Moses or disregard his words?

Exodus 6:10–13—Was Moses called by God in Egypt or in Midian?

Exodus 6:16–20—How could the people of Israel have been in Egypt for 430 years when there were only three generations between Levi and Moses?

Exodus 6:26–27—Didn’t someone besides Moses write these verses?

Exodus 7:11—How could the wise men and sorcerers of Pharaoh perform the same feats of power that God told Moses to perform?

Exodus 7:19—How could Israel escape this judgment if it came upon all the land of Egypt?

Exodus 7:20—How could Moses have turned all the water to blood if the magicians had some left to do the same thing?

Exodus 9:19–21—If all the cattle died, then how did some survive?

Exodus 12:29—How could an all-loving God slay the firstborn of all the Egyptians?

Exodus 20:5a—Does God get jealous?

Exodus 20:8–11—Why do Christians worship on Sunday when the commandment sets apart Saturday as the day of worship?

Exodus 20:13—How could God command people not to kill, and then, in Exodus 21:12, command that murderers be put to death?

Exodus 20:24—Was the altar made of earth or of wood?

Exodus 21:22–23—Does this passage show that unborn children are of less value than adults?

Exodus 21:29–30—Why was capital punishment commuted in the case of some murders?

Exodus 23:19—Why is boiling a kid in its mother’s milk prohibited?

Exodus 24:4—How could Moses have written this when modern scholars say several different authors (JEPD) are responsible for it?

Exodus 24:9–11—How could these people see God when God said in Exodus 33:20, “no man shall see me and live”?

Exodus 24:10—Can God be seen?

Exodus 25:18ff—If it is wrong to make graven images, why did God command Moses to make one?

Exodus 31:18—Does God have fingers?

Exodus 32:14—Does God change His mind?

Exodus 33:3—Did God change His mind about going with the Israelites into the Land of Promise?

Exodus 34:20—Were unclean animals to be redeemed with money or killed?