Answers – To Difficult Questions (Book Of Romans)

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Rom 1:5 – Does this passage support Lordship Theology?

Rom 1:8 – What does Paul mean when he says that their faith reached the “whole world”?

Rom 1:18 – Is God wrathful?

Rom 1:19–20 – Are the heathen lost?

Rom 1:24 -28 Why does it say three times that God “gave them over” to their sin, if God loves people?

Rom 1:26 – Does this verse mean that homosexuals should not be heterosexual because it is unnatural to them?

Rom 2:7 – Is immortality acquired or possessed?

Rom 2:7 – Does this verse teach that good works can get us into heaven?

Rom 2:14–15 – How can those who are by nature sinners keep God’s laws of nature?

Rom 2:22 – What does it mean to “rob temples”?

Rom 2:28-29 – Does this passage teach that Christians inherit the Jewish promises of the Old Testament

Rom 3:10 – Have all people sinned or not?

Rom 3:11 – Do humans seek for God or not?

Rom 3:20, 28 – Are we saved by grace or works?

Rom 3:22 – Is this verse about the “faithfulness OF Jesus” or is it about “our faith IN Jesus”?

Rom 3:25 – What does “propitiation” mean? (pronounced pro-PISH-ee-ae-shun)

Rom 5:1 – Do we have justification in the past tense, or are we supposed to seek justification in the future tense?

Rom 5:1 – Are we saved by faith or by baptism?

Rom 5:8 – Does God hate people or love them?

Rom 5:12 – Does this statement imply that we were only potential humans before we were born, not actual human beings?

Rom 5:13 – Did God not judge people before the time of the Law?

Rom 5:14 – Is it fair to judge all people because of Adam’s sin?

Rom 5:15-19 – Is Paul saying that everyone will be forgiven in the end?

Rom 5:19 – If all are made righteous by Christ why aren’t all saved?

Rom 5:20 – Is Paul saying that the Law makes us want to sin more?

Rom 6:3-4 – Is this passage describing water baptism? –or something else?

Rom 6:6 – Does Paul really believe that we do not have a sinful nature anymore?

Rom 7:1-3 – Why does Paul compare the Law to marriage?

Rom 7:6 – In what sense are Christians “released from the Law”?

Rom 7:8-13 – Is Paul describing himself here, or something (or someone) else?

Rom 7:14-25 – Is Paul describing his own personal struggle with sin?

Rom 8:1 – Is there condemnation or not?

Rom 8:26 – Is the Holy Spirit our mediator or is Christ?

Rom 8:26-27 – Does this refer to speaking in tongues?

Rom 8:29-30 – Is this passage teaching predestination?

Rom 8:36 – Why does Paul quote Psalm 44:22?

Rom 9:3 – Does Paul really want to go to hell, so that his Jewish friends could go to heaven?

Rom 9:5 – Does this passage support the deity of Christ?

Rom 9:13 – Does God “hate” unborn babies?

Rom 9:17—How can Pharaoh be free if God hardened his heart?

Rom 9:17 – God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. Is that right?

Rom 9:17-19 – Is this passage saying that God will harden people’s hearts to keep them from receiving Christ?

Rom 9:22-23 – Does God create people only to damn them?

Rom 10:5 – Does keeping the law bring life?

Rom 10:6-7 – What does Paul mean, when he writes about “ascending into heaven” and “descending into the abyss”?

Rom 10:14 – Does this verse teach that we need to hear Jesus’ name to be saved?

Rom. 11:1-21 – Why did the Jews reject Jesus, if he was their Promised Messiah?

Rom 11:22 – Does this passage threaten the idea of eternal security?

Rom 11:26–27 – How can there be a future for the nation of Israel since they rejected the Messiah?

Rom 12:3 – Does God give us our faith—or do we produce faith?

Rom 12:20 – What does Paul mean by “burning coals on his head”?

Rom 13:1 – Shall we obey God’s Law or human law?

Rom 13:1-7 – Are we supposed to submit to evil governments?

Rom 14:5 – Should we keep the Sabbath or not?

Rom 15:15 – If Paul had never been to Rome, then why does he say “remind you again”?

Rom 15:33 – Is the Lord a God of peace or of war?

Rom 16 – Was this chapter added to the book of Romans?

Rom 16:7 – Was there a female apostle (Junia), or was this a contraction for a man’s name (Junias)?