Answers – To Difficult Questions (2nd Kings)

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2 Kings 1:17—When did Jehoram son of Ahab begin his reign as king of Israel?

2 Kings 2:23–24—How could a man of God curse these 42 young men so that they were mauled by she-bears?

2 Kings 3:18–19—Didn’t Israel violate the law of warfare by destroying fruit trees?

2 Kings 6:19—Didn’t Elisha lie to the Syrian troops who were coming to capture him?

2 Kings 8:25—Did Ahaziah become king in the twelfth year of Jehoram or in the eleventh year of Jehoram?

2 Kings 9:7—How could God condemn Jehu for bloodshed when God had commanded him to exterminate the house of Ahab?

2 Kings 14:3, 7—Why is Amaziah commended for abhorring Edomites when God said not to do so?

2 Kings 14:29—Are the dead asleep or conscious?

2 Kings 15:27—How can this verse say Pekah ruled over Samaria for 20 years when he took Samaria 8 years before the end of his reign?

2 Kings 17:4—How can this verse mention a king of Egypt named “So” when there are no records of such a king?

2 Kings 18:13—How can this verse say that Sennacherib invaded Judah in the fourteenth year of Hezekiah?

2 Kings 20:11—How could the shadow retreat by ten degrees on the stairway of Ahaz?

2 Kings 20:12–15—How can these verses speak of the visitors from Berodach-Baladan as coming after the invasion of Sennacherib?

2 Kings 23:30—Did Josiah die at Megiddo or at Jerusalem?

2 Kings 24:6—Did Jehoiakim die in Jerusalem, as this passage suggests, or did he die in Babylon, as 2 Chronicles 36:6 implies?

2 Kings 24:8—How old was Jehoiachin when he became king?