Trash Can

When I was in college a group I was part of did a skit with a trash can right in the middle of the student hall. I was polishing the outside of a trash can and someone would walk by and ask what are you doing?

I would answer them with “I am making this trash can look very nice and wonderful”.

They would respond  “What about the inside?”

I said “what about it?”

He said open it , I did and boy did it stink.

That is like most of us, we want the outside to look so grand. We worry about how we look like, how e dress.  Some of us even go to great lengths to change what even the outside of the garbage can looks .  But what about the inside, the part most people do not see.

What if we could open up and look inside, what would we find? would there be strife, envy, hatered, etc

We need help cleaning up the inside so that love, peace, grace, longsuffering can fill it. Then  when  we look inside there is a sweet smell instead a bad smell.  Most garbage cans have bags that line them and the bag has to be removed and changed. We cannot change ourselves in that way. But there one that will give us a new heart to replace the one that is full of crude.

If we do not change the bag at some point garbage will overflow and affect everything around it. What is on the inside will come out.

Matthew 9:17
Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.

God’s word tells us that we have to have a new bag, one that he fills with good stuff so that when it overflows great things will happen.

Will you today accept the gift of the new garbage bag (wine bottle) before it’s too late? Please stop making the outside better and change the inside so that you will become a blessing and be all that you were born to be. Today is the time for no one knows what tomorrow may bring.

Posted by petra1000

I am a born again christian who loves the Lord and I am taking bible classes online