Jeremiah 43:8–13—How can these verses talk about the invasion of Nebuchadnezzar when there is no evidence that it ever happened?

Problem: According to this prophecy of Jeremiah, Nebuchadnezzar would attack and devastate Egypt. However, the Greek historians made no mention of this event, and there does not seem to be sufficient historical evidence to substantiate the claim that there ever was such an invasion. Is this an error in the biblical record of history?

Solution: No, there is no historical error. Until recently, the only testimony from ancient historians was the record of Josephus, the Jewish historian. Modern scholars rejected Josephus’ testimony as a fabrication to support the Hebrew Scriptures. However, a small fragment of a Babylonian chronicle from about 567 b.c. confirms both the record of Josephus and the biblical record concerning Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion of Egypt. There is also confirmation from an inscription on the statue of Nes-hor, governor of southern Egypt under Hophra. Nebuchadnezzar did indeed invade and devastate Egypt as Jeremiah had prophesied.

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