Deuteronomy 33:2—Is this a prediction of the Prophet Mohammed?

Problem: Many Islamic scholars believe this verse predicts three separate visitations of God—one on “Sinai” to Moses, another to “Seir” through Jesus, and a third in “Paran” (Arabia) through Mohammed who came to Mecca with an army of “ten thousand.”

Solution: First of all, this contention can be easily answered by looking at a Bible map. Paran and Seir are near Egypt in the Sinai peninsula (cf. Gen. 14:6; Num. 10:12; 12:16–13:3; Deut. 1:1), not in Palestine where Jesus ministered. Nor was Paran near Mecca, but hundreds of miles away near southern Palestine in the north eastern Sinai.

Furthermore, this verse is speaking of the “LORD” (not Mohammed) coming. And He is coming with “ten thousands of saints,” not ten thousand soldiers, as Mohammed did. There is absolutely no basis in this text for the Muslim contention.

Finally, this prophecy is said to be one “with which Moses the man of God blessed the children of Israel before his death” (v. 1). If it were a prediction about Islam, which has been a constant enemy of Israel, it could scarcely have been a blessing to Israel. In fact, the chapter goes on to pronounce a blessing on each of the tribes of Israel by God, who “will thrust out the enemy” (v. 27).

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