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Are All Bibles The Same
Can We Trust The Bible
Can We Trust The NIV Bible
How Did We Get The BIble
Is the NKJV an Update to The KJV?
Is it true that 1 John 5:7 is not in any Greek manuscript before the 1600s? If that is true, why is it in the King James Bible?
Just A Few Verses Compared
Rotten Roots
The “Conflate” Theory is It Correct?
The True Manuscripts
Time Trip
What About The New King James Version?
What About The New King James Version  (Part 2)?
Would you take a magic marker to your Bible and cross out words from passages?


No Liars In Heaven
The Attack

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An Understandable History of the Bible By Sam Gipp
Bible Doctrines Affected by Modern Versions
The Answer Book By Sam Gipp


KJV Bible vs Other Translations

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Bible Translation Chart
Bible Versions – Comparison 1
Bible Versions – Comparison 2
Bible Versions – Quotes
Did the Jesuits Tamper with the scriptures?
NIV Omissions (138 Pages)
TNIV Additions (over 100)
TNIV/NIV Perversions (over 5,000)


A Lamp In the Dark
Acts 8:37 in the NIV Bible
Bible Versions: Defending The King James
Bible Versions: What’s The Difference?
Do You use the NKJV Bible?
Do you use the NIV Bible?
New Age Bible Versions EXPOSED
Tares Among The Wheat
The English Standard Version
The Sinaiticus … Smoking Gun?
The Preserved and Pure Word of God: A Word About the KJV
The Real Bible Version Issue EXPOSED!
Wescott and Horts Occult Connections
Where Our Bible Came From (Dr Sam Gipp)
Who Were Wescott and Hort?