God vs the Egyptians (The Final Battle)

Moses went to Pharaoh the last time and told Pharaoh that he would take the his 1st born

Moses then went to the Jewish people and told them to take a young lamb or a goat (less than 1 year old) and tie it to their home. This was done on the 10th day of the month. For 4 days the Egyptians could see this animal tied to their homes.

On the 14th Moses told them to kill that lamb or goat. After they killed this animal they were told to put this blood on the doorpost of their homes. The Egyptians saw this as well. Then the night came and the 1st born of every house that did not apply this blood died. Both the Egyptian or Jew.

God made the Jewish people make a choice HIM or the Egyptian Gods. God still does the same thing. Sometimes he will ask to choose him or the world. Which God have you chosen? You cannot choose God and keep it silent. The world is watching you. Whose Side are you on?

Sometimes, He tells us to do something, He told Abraham to kill Isaac. He told Noah to build an ark. He will tell us to do something and once we step out on faith, God will do his part.

Even in salvation this is so true. We must repent of our sins and knowledge him and then the Holy Ghost will come in and seals us and makes us alive. We need to make the 1st step and the God meets us. God is calling us to make that choice the world or him.

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