Answers – To Difficult Questions (1st Kings)

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1 Kings 4:26—How can this verse say Solomon had 40,000 stalls when 2 Chronicles 9:25 says he had only 4,000 stalls?

1 Kings 6:1—How can this be an accurate calculation if Ramses the Great was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?

1 Kings 7:23—Doesn’t the calculation in this verse represent an inaccurate value of pi?

1 Kings 9:22—How can this verse claim that Solomon did not make forced laborers of the Israelites when 1 Kings 5:13 says he did?

1 Kings 11:1—How could God allow Solomon to have so many wives when he condemns polygamy?

1 Kings 11:4—In light of David’s sin with Bathsheba, how could this passage say his heart was loyal to the Lord?

1 Kings 12:25—Was Jeroboam’s residence in Shechem or at Tirzah?

1 Kings 15:5—Is this the only sin David committed?

1 Kings 15:14—Did Asa destroy the high places or leave them standing?

1 Kings 18:27—Why was Elijah blessed for ridiculing the prophets of Baal when the Bible urges us to use kind words to our enemies?

1 Kings 18:32–35—Where did Elijah get all the water if there had been a drought for three years?

1 Kings 18:40—Wasn’t killing too severe a punishment for the prophets of Baal?

1 Kings 21:19—How could the prophecy of this verse claim to be fulfilled in the events recorded in 1 Kings 22:37–38?

1 Kings 22:22—How could God use “lying spirits” to do His will since He forbids lying?

1 Kings 22:49—How can this verse say that Jehoshaphat refused Ahaziah’s request when 2 Chronicles says they worked together?